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Let's all meet up in the year 2000... and 11

I'm sure this is old news to most people reading here, but it IS relevant, so: Pulp are reforming! So far they've only announced festival gigs, and the list is here.

Anyone going?

Personally, I am ridiculously excited about this - Pulp is the band that pretty much defined my music taste for a long time, until they stopped producing albums. That said, they are only playing one festival in Australia at the moment, and I can't possibly afford to go, so I'm desperately hoping for sideshow gigs to be announced at a later date. :-/

On their website, they've also posted Pulp Tube, a collection of random people covering their songs on YouTube. I honestly think this is the most adorable thing I've ever seen a band do.

Does anyone else have any Pulp stories to share?

I shall leave you with Jarvis Cocker at his angry best: The Fear, live on Jools Holland.

Hi! I inherited this community because the previous maintainer deleted her account. I'd welcome a co-mod or two if anyone's interested, and also suggestions as to how we could get things a bit more active around here.
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anyone want to take over this comm? i'm leaving dw.
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Brett Anderson: 60 Seconds

As I was staring into pages of Metro held up by the person sitting in front of me on the bus the other day, I noticed a feature which might interest some of you. It's a short interview with Brett Anderson.

Here it is in Full )
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pulp reunion!

probably old news to most of you, but i thought it might be worth posting...

here's a really good article from the guardian: pulp's reunion proves they are in a different class

i wish they'd come to america!!
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Just wanted to dedicate a wee post to my favourite Britpop band: Supergrass. :-)

They split in April this year. I went to the farewell gig in Glasgow which was amazing, yet incredibly sad. I think they were the first proper band I became obsessed with (shhhh, Spice Girls don't count). It wasn't until I was in my teens that I got into them, but I was enamoured with the video for "Alright" when it first came out. Think I was only six at the time. But I now appreciate the broad scope of their music. I was ecstatic when "Tales of Endurance" made it into the set at the farewell gig.

I also went to see Gaz and Danny's side project, The Hot Rats, around this time last year at a venue called King Tut's Wah-Wah Hut, which is quite an important venue in terms of Britpop. It's apparently where Oasis was discovered, and a lot of '90s Britpop bands made their Scottish debut there. Fantastic place. Anyway, that gig was especially good because I got to meet the guys afterwards. They're so lovely and down-to-earth! I got some vinyl signed, said something like "hiireallyenjoyedthegigtonightthanksssssssss!" and then ran away. OK, I'm crap at talking to people anyway, but it was so nice to see them interacting with the fans.

Where Are They Now? )

And, to finish off, a couple of videos for you. The first one is Gaz being interviewed by Simon Amstell. Too cute.

The second one is a beautiful little track called "Eon", from their eponymous 1999 album. Enjoy!

This Way, Strange Ones... )
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♥ justine

where are they now? | justine frischmann

i thought i'd share this, since [personal profile] rockunroll and i were talking about her in the comments of the last post.

isn't justine great?! what a cool lady!
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this dude is my hero, no kidding. how about you? who is your britpop hero?